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Safari not loading pages on iPad Pro with iPadOS 13.1.3

Anyone else having problems with their iPad Pro 10.5” running iPadOS 13.1.3?

The first noticeable problem was that iPadOS 13 deleted all my contacts. They should have been backed up on iCloud but weren’t there either. Luckily I have backups on Lexar and Sandisk flash drives. It also backed up all my photos to iCloud by itself. I’ve deleted the photo backup but It won’t backup my notes to iCloud now. Safari is also very buggy, it won’t load some pages at all you just get a white page. Text selection is also tricky and in some cases it’s impossible to click an insertion point for editing, you have to backspace delete and retype. I wish I could go back to iOS 12 but I’ve already done an iTunes backup.

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