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Mac mini: Unused WiFi Router as Print Server?

A service provider is going to install Fiber Optic cable, et cetera.

I currently print wirelessly using a H-P LJP 1600 printer and an ordinary WiFi DSL router, with the printer attached by Ethernet cable to the DSL WiFi router.

It will be very inconvenient to move the printer to a location where it can be connected to the new Fiber Optic router by an Ethernet cable: Can I repurpose the old WiFi DSL router as a print server (only), and leave it where it is?

That is, can I use it to print to my printer over WiFi, after disconnecting the wired telephone plug now connecting the DSL router to the telephone line? Presumably, I could still select the DSL router from the menu bar's dropdown WiFi Network List, and fire off a print job to the printer that way.

Will enjoy knowing if anyone has experience with this.

King of Dim Sum™

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