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Unable to update apps on supervised iPads (ios 13.1.3) with Apple Configurator 2.11.1

Unable to update apps on supervised iPads  with Apple Configurator 2.11.1

I had to restore the iPads because of the bug in Apple Configurator (”AMRestoreErrorDomain error 10 –  Failed to handle message type StatusMsg) [AMRestoreErrorDomain – 0xA (10)” error). I used iTunes to update the missing framework Mobile Device Framework in order to fix the issue.

I restored the iPads to iOS 13.1.3, supervised them (non MDM), added blueprints and profiles (only adding wifi password) to the iPads. The iPads work fine with the apps added by the blueprints, but if I connect them to Apple Configurator and try to update the apps I get errors. It seems that Apple Configutor is trying to re-assign apps to the iPads and since the licenses are already in use I get an error ”Cannot assign a copy..”. 

Any advise?

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