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Multiple Logic X 10.4.7 issues making it unusable


Within the last two weeks Logic X (v 10.4.7) has become unusable on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14.6. I have rebooted my laptop several times and uninstalled/installed logic from my computer twice with no change.

Here are the issues I'm running into:

1) No plugins are visible: I am unable to add any of logic's internal plugins or 3rd party plugins to the audio fx section of a track.

2) No audio will playback: I have tried using both my Apogee Duet (v 0.3.5) and the core audio and neither will work. Both the apogee and the core audio work for playback with other applications like iTunes and Machine 2.

3) I am unable to create any new tracks other than midi in logic: When I try to create a new audio track I get an error message stating that I have maxed out the number of available tracks at 1000 and need to delete some before I can add any others. There are definitely not 1000 tracks in any of the projects I have tested with.

4) I am unable to bounce a track.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve? At this point logic is unusable for me.

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