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Recovering partially damaged FCPX library?

When I open a particular library it says: "The Library 'x' is damaged. The item 'xyz' could not be read." The item in this instance is a project in a Keyword collection. Every time I close and open the Library I get the same pop-up but a different project / Keyword collection.

So the Library is opening. But even though I can see that project/Keyword collection thumbnail – if I try to open it FCPX crashes.

I choose another project, which opens fine. But FCPX will not allow me to Export it out. It doesn't freeze, it just does nothing when I try to export.

The Library seems otherwise functional. How can I rescue it? My thought is to create a NEW Library on another drive, with a NEW Event, and then drag over all the folders & keyword collections to the NEW Library.

Any suggestions?

All ears, Ben

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