iCloud on my Mac

iCloud is taking up ALL the disk Space on mac, and now I can't even make room.

Hello, I synced my mac to to my iCloud account a few months ago thinking it would be a great short term back up for photography folders. Unfortunately now I realize that iCloud is also storing a TON of data on my hard drive. I can't even remove files to an external drive because it's so full it can't finish the functions. I also can't just remove iCloud because I have original files that are split between being in the cloud and some on the drive. HELP!!! It's like 60 – 70% of my drive storage is just to the icloud, but I only have like 50 GB worth of data. It's not adding up and I can't seem to get ahead of it. Also, I don't have a Time Machine back up (I KNOW, I'll do it right when I fix this) so I can't start fresh and I can't even create a backup because there isn't enough space on the drive to even preform that…

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