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My D Key on the Macbook Pro keeps burning up – 5 times in a row now.

I bought a Macbook Pro 2018 last summer. Four times in a row now, the D key gets a hole burned in it. I have taken it to Apple each time for repair and each time, they replaced the logic board and keyboard (and the ports but that's a different issue). After each repair, within about two months, it happens again – same D key every time.

A couple months ago, they finally replaced my computer because nothing they were doing was fixing the issue long term. NOW, just 2 months later, on my brand new Macbook pro computer (which has double the processing power of the old), my D key is burned up again! Different computer, same key!

Has anyone else had this issue and was there ever any resolution? I am getting sick of going to the Genius Bar every two months, losing my computer for two weeks while it's repaired, only to have the same thing happen again two months or less later. I have searched google and the search query does not auto-fill – but I can't be the only one this is happening to.

My D Key on the Macbook Pro keeps burning up - 5 times in a row now.

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