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bouncing a project in the newest version of Logic Pro x creates unexpected noice

Recently I updated to the newest version of Logic Pro x and Catalina. The project sounds great inside Logic Pro x but there occurs an unexpected background noise in the bounced-out file. I did not have this problem in the prior versions of Logic Pro X.

In order to test the cause, I tried disabling normalization/creating wav file/disabling some AU units/effects…..but none of them fix the issue. At the end, I created a new project and imported a piece of music and bounced it out right away. You know what! The noise occurred! (That piece of music sounds OK before the import and inside Logic Pro x). The background noise sounds almost the same to each of my bounced-out file. I figure it's the software level problem, or even hardware?

iMac 2015, catalina newest version. Logic Pro x newest version.

Anybody has the same issue?

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