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Podcast Track—Logic versus GarageBand 6

Does the Podcast TRACK in Logic, look and work the same as in the old GarageBand (before GB10)?

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What was great about that feature was that I could separate songs (in my case, movements of classical symphonies, suites, etc.) by placing a podcast 'region' above the region of a "song".

Then I could burn a CD (I LOVE CDs) from GB, and upon putting the CD into the player, I had "Track 1"–which was Song #1 (or the first movement), and then Track 2, (second movement), etc. So I could ask the CD player to skip to track 5, and it would play… the 5th piece on the CD!

Does this work in logic? If it did not cost $200 I would just buy it and find out but… $200???

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P.S. By the way, it is confusing to talk about this because a "track" in music-editing software means two separate parallel areas in which one can place recordings (to be mixed together).


But on a CD, (or DVD or Blu-ray, or vinyl record) a "track" means, each individual SECTION of sound (or silence!) in order of occurrence on the CD. Track 1 is usually the first Song, or Piece, or Movement; and then next "track" is, of course, Track 2 or the second song… etc.


So, sorry if I don't make things as clear as they need to be!

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