How do I get Finder to reveal my Data Volume in Catalina?

I have installed Catalina on my iMac twice now and in both cases had the same problem. The first time I just a normal download install over the existing OS. The second time I formatted the hard drive and installed a clean copy of Catalina on a clean empty hard drive.

Finder shows the iMac System Volume but does not show the Data Volume for me to add folders and files to. How do it get Finder/Catalina to show the Data Volume?

The local name the installation gave to me as a User was “richard”. If I open the iMac System volume from Finder I see the user folder and “richard”. I can create folders under “richard” and add files to them. I can also create folders under the User folder and add data to them.

if I go into Disc Utility it shows both the Data and System Volumes named as such but the Data Volume does not show in Finder and I cannot get it do so.

Is in fact the User folder the Data Volume but for some reason is not named as such?

From what I have read the Data Volume should show and there should be no way of writing to it but it is the System Volume that shows and yes, I can write to most of it. There are 4 folders showing -Applications, Library, System, Users. I can write to all except the System Folder.

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