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Apple TV 4K Apps Not Activating

I just bought Apple TV 4K and everything was working after initial setup. Suddenly, CNNGo stopped working. I tried to troubleshoot but to no avail. Now it seems I can't activate any app even though the activation code is accepted when I verify on my iPad. I get a message saying "Activation code expired" or my Apple TV simply doesn't register that the code has been accepted. I have cable and high speed internet service through Comcast and use Google Wifi to manage the signal throughout the house. I have tried everything I can think of:

• Restarted Apple TV

• Restored Apple TV factory settings

• Deleted and reinstalled apps

• Used a hot spot instead of my Comcast internet connection when trying to activate specific apps

• Activated apps through "settings" in the app instead of clicking the touch button in the live TV preview

• Unplugged Apple TV for 15 seconds

• Restarted modem

• Tried activation in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and in private browsing mode. Also cleared browsing history and cache

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