Music on iOS

music app is broken after 13.1.2

iPhone 6s+ that was working beautifully.

Downloaded IOS 13

I create playlists that sync to my phone and I noticed some songs were never playing. I plugged in the iPhone and looked at the play lists and several had grey circles and were greyed out. I synced multiple times with out any luck. I removed all music from the phone and turned off music sync. I then re=enabled sync and all the songs returned. Then update 13.1.2 happened, now the screen in the music app only loads half the playlists and locks up, I have to force quit the app and most of the songs are gone. Many grey circles are back when syncing with iTunes. I restarted the phone and resynced but it acts like everything is fine but it is totally broken. All the songs play just fine on the Mac. What to do next?

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