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Compatibility issue with multiple audio playbacks when using bluetooth audio

Hello, the problem has started few weeks ago, and it's really annoying.

The situation is like this: while a music is playing on Apple Music and a video is playing on Youtube via Chrome, if I try to pause one playback, say Apple Music, then the other, say Youtube video, goes silent. It keeps PLAYING, but silent.

This happenes with Apple Music & Tidal, Tidal & Youtube via Chrome, and many other possible combinations.

I guess that somehow the BT audio stream is mixed into one audio stem, so that the pause key kills all audio stream and leaves video stream playing.. not sure.

This only occurs when using BT audio connection. Wired audio works fine.

I am using two MacBook Pros (15' Late 2013 / 13' 2017) and B&W P7 Wireless headphone.

Anyone has the same issue? Please advice if you know any hint.


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