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music has added time onto the end of some of my music tracks

Has anyone else noticed that the new music app in Catalina has been adding an extra 16-17 seconds onto the end of some of their music tracks? Very disconcerting as it comes to the end and then repeats the last bit. Actually is very annoying! Come on Apple sort yourself out. If you go into Info and then Options you can see that the track duration time is completely wrong. If you try and adjust it it ruins the flow of an album. Strange that the same music has synched onto my iPhone with the extra time aded!! However if I go onto a metadata program to sort this it shows the file with the correct time, or if I play the track using Quicktime Player that shows the track at the correct timing. This has to be the worst thing so far, on top of missing album artwork that took the best part of 16hours to sort!! Come on Apple get this sorted out NOW!!!!

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