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Switching from iphoto to photos

I am switching (under duress, of course) from iphoto to photos on my imac before upgrading to Catalina. I used the option key start up for photos, selected my iphoto library to be imported and it started. It reached 34% and quit. It was responding, according to Activity Monitor. I waited hours and it was making zero progress importing, so I force quit photos.

Right now I have several "photos" files in my picture library. If I delete all the photos files (but not the iphoto file, where my everything is) from the pictures folder and start photos will it ask to import, like it does the first time? If so, is it more likely to complete the import? I would vaaasstly prefer to keep using iphotos, but accept the writing on the wall. This is my last barrier before upgrading to Catalina. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks, Michael

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