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We are experiencing a lot of quick flash/flickering on our displays (TVs, projectors, etc.) in our district. This seems to happen when staff are using the Apple TV (4th Gen) in their classrooms when they connect their iPads to the Apple TV. This just started happening here in the last couple of weeks and it might be tied to when we updated them to the newest iOS (13.0) on the Apple TV. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and/or will there be an update of fix on this?

Side note – we have tried switching out different 4th Gen Apple TVs, switching inputs on the TVs, and HDMI cables and we are still experiencing the same issue. The only other thing I have tried and I'm not sure if its happening is that we put a stop to auto-updates on the Apple TVs so that way they don't update to iOS 13. So we are currently testing out a new 4th Gen Apple TV out of the box with the iOS 12.1 on it to see if can duplicate the issue of the flash/flickering on the displays.


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