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Activity monitoring in watch theater mode?

I bought an Apple Watch 5 for activity monitoring primarily. I don’t (at least yet) use a lot of its features. I also wear a mechanical wrist watch, so my Apple Watch is on my right wrist, and I’m right handed.

To save battery, I want to disable the raise to turn on feature. I don’t need it currently, and since I do so much motion with my right hand, I think it will benefit battery life.

But as indicated, I really bought it to monitor activity. I’ve seen it hinted, but can’t get to a full answer, that if the raise to wake is turned off, or theater mode is turned on, that certain activity monitoring functions are reduced or not able to be used.

Is this the actual case? If I turn off raise to wake or turn on theater mode, will it limit the activity monitoring functions Im

interested in?


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