How do you delete items in reading list with the new Catalina update?

I obviously know how delete them like literally everyone else, I mean, it's all I could find when I tried looking for an answer, but after I updated my MacBook to the Catalina version, these ways to remove or delete them doesn't work, like they have previously. They disappear from the list making me think I removed them, but then as soon as I open the list again they're back as if nothing happened. I've done it so many times with a couple videos I've watched since I don't need the links anymore and this happens, and even if I go to the Unread section to at least filter those out of the list, they're still there, like I haven't already watched the videos, through clicking the link in the list.

Does anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it, to delete the unnecessary content that's been piling up?

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