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Earned monthly activity medals not synced after iCloud transfer


I have recently switched from an iPhone Xr to iPhone Xs Max.

I have used iCloud back-up to transfer all data, and re-paired my Apple watch to the new Xs Max during the progress.

The transfer is now > 2 weeks ago and some of my Apple Watch activity medals are not synced.

In fact all the activity history and variety of medals are synced and available on the new phone, except for my earned 'monthly achievements'.

I have made a quick comparison and have found some of them are missing.

I have a 'gap' from Oct '18 till Sept '19.

New iPhone (Xs Max)

  • Monthly achievement 2018 (Jan/Feb/March/April/May/June/July/Sept)
  • Monthly achievement 2019 (Sept)

Old iPhone (Xr)

  • Monthly achievement 2018 (Jan/Feb/March/April/May/June/July/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec)
  • Monthly achievement 2019 (Feb/March/April/May/June/July/August/Sept)

Is there any way to 'fix' this? Or force the synchronization?

I still have the iPhone Xr available with all the medals I worked so hard for..

iCloud back-up has been taken successfully as well and both phones and apple watch are synced with same iCloud account.



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