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Apple Watch Series 2 (WiFi version) — sudden battery drain

Yesterday my battery went from 100% to DEAD in 3 hours. I then updated to the latest OS. Later yesterday I decided to unpair it and set it up as a new watch. I did that last night. I did not add any apps — just the standard apps that it loads up. Today, my battery drained as follows..

6:30am – 100%

7:17am – 81%

7:40am – 80%

8:30am – 72%

9:14am – 69%

10:12am – 67%

11:20am – 56%

1:01pm – 49%

1:43pm – 47%

1:54pm – 39% ??

So you can see a couple of quick drops during the day. Any suggestions?

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