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USB Drive with adapter problems on iPad Air 3rd gen running 13.3.1. Sometimes works great, other times not.

When it is working, I can read and write to the drive. I have multiple pdf books for my research and I am not always connected to the cloud and I don't want to fill up my iPad memory. Problem occurs when I remove the drive, then later plug it back in. I've tried all the obvious things. Power off, reset, hard reset, reset with card attached, plugging it in before turning on, you name it I've tried it. Is there any way to make the iPad recognize the drive? I've been all over the web and tried every magic formula imaginable. Nothing works. Today I can't get it to come up at all. I use Files to access it.

My computer knowledge dates back to the 70s, and I used to teach computer maintenance and programming, so I should be able to understand whatever you tell me. Help!

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