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iPad mini 2 will not start, shows a charging prompt when battery reads 100%

I found what sounds like the same issue in a previous question, but it was over two years ago and I didn't see where it had been resolved. I am HOPING that has changed??? We have an iPad mini 2 16GB. It was purchased new/refurbished in ?? 2016 (I think). It has been a very good little machine, getting beat on by very young children (though it has always been kept in shock-resistant cases!). A while back my son started having trouble getting it to charge. I cleaned the receptacle and bought a new cord and it was better. The cords do seem to wiggle around a little, but make the connection. Maybe 2 weeks ago it started crashing constantly, just shutting down like the battery was dead. So he would plug it in. When it would come back on…the battery charge would read 100%!!

It was completely unreliable, unless he kept it plugged in. If kept plugged in, it would not crash.

Then 2 or 3 days ago, it died and would not come back even when plugged in. I tried leaving it plugged for a long time, trying different plugs, etc. I plugged it into a computer and it DID boot once, but when I unplugged it died again. I kept trying with the computer. I had wanted to do a system restore on it anyway, and hoped if I was able to restore it this problem would be resolved. However, last night I was finally able to get it to boot up just enough to enter recovery mode and do the restore. To the best of my knowledge, it is now wiped. Even so, it won't boot up.

Is there ANY hope of fixing this? Or is it some internal problem? I had hoped resetting it would fix its brain, but now I think it is not the brain that is the problem. : (

(My iPhone 6 is also a little hinky. When the charge gets down around 30 percent or less it can suddenly reboot with no warning. Now I am worrying it could die like this iPad at any time. I KNOW I need to get a new phone, but the expense is significant and I have been putting it off.)

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