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MacBook Pro mid-2012 Model 9,2: Can I use my DVD as a recovery drive instead of USB? Question marked as solved helpful ★ Latest reply  by  jkapple443 Latest update on the question 4 replies 38 views asked by  jkapple443 User profile for user: Summer_Rose_ Summer_Rose_ User level: Level 1 What is mirror? Is deleting it a problem?

I have an otherwise really nice condition Mid-2012 MacBook Pro 9,2 that has two dead USB ports (well, one has power but no data, the other is totally dead). This notebook is running Catalina (installed via online download), and it runs quite well. Sadly, none of the usual PRAM/SMC USB port reset tricks has any effect, and the cost to replace the logic board is a questionable investment for a machine this old. As a result, I will probably just use it as is, since I can live without the USB ports if I have to. My question:

In case of future problems, I'd like to create a local recovery drive. Is it possible to use DVD or SDXC as a recovery drive instead of the usual USB thumb drive method, or am I just SOL?

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