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Watch notification problems since moving to iphone 11 pro

Hi all

Having some strange issues with watch notifications since getting my iPhone 11 Pro. This is mainly regarding the Clock app and an app called Fantastical. Can't really see a similar issue on these forums.

Firstly, for the clock app the notifications either aren't being sent to the watch at all or when they come the watch gives the haptic feedback but the screen doesn't change to show the alert. I have to tap the face and then the alert comes up for me to snooze or stop. I am using the clock to set some reminders for myself using Alarms. By unpairing and repairing the watch i have sort of fixed the issue of the alarms not going to the watch but there is still an intermittent issue with that, and the other issue of having to tap the screen is still happening 9 times out of 10.

For Fantastical it's the same really…..alerts not going to the watch or having to tap the watch screen to see the notification.

Appreciate if anyone experienced this and have a fix


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