Apple ID

Wait 24 hours ?

Hi , i had to reset my phone because of storage problems.. and now i have this problem :

Last time i set up my apple id i had a sim card pay as you go with an phone number ..this was 5 years ago. Since then i had no problem with the 16GB of my phone storage ..whenever it was full i was deleting some photos/videos

Lately from installing apps and uninstalling somehow i was not able to make a single photo because my phone storage was filled with old apps files/updates .. that i was not able to delete…

So now i was forced to reset my phone

So far so good…until i tried to log in back into my apple id .Now is asking for my 5 years old phone number ..which i wont be able to get it

So i tried recovery . But wait this is apple ..nothing is normal here .. Even if its your apple id or your phone you wont be able to recover it because security problems .

Now it tells me i have to wait 24 hours for an email

I`m curious what do i have to do next send a copy of my passport .. or take a plane to USA .. UHUU so exited to go on this jurney ..

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