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Is there an iphone app for 'incident detection'?

I am about to start cycling again. I have cardiac problems.

Would like to know if an app exists for my iphone SE that can signal an alert to my wife in case I have a heart attack, and I am unable to signal it myself. Or for any other reason where I am unconscious.

I have read that Garmin sells a cycling computer that can do this, but I think it needs to be connected to my phone anyway. I feel it might be better if the phone itself can detect a problem. Why go through another device, like the Garmin 520 for example, if i don't have to.

Years ago I was often alone on country roads and fear an incident like this. I guess I would have to signal the at the start of each ride. Maybe get a link that would be sent to my wife so she would be alerted if I run into trouble.

It would be good if my wife got the alert and also a gps location so she could send me help, just in case.


thanks for any help


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