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Apple Music: Your apple id or password was entered incorrectly

Having completely given up on iPhones after many, many years, I have been forced to change over to Android, which so far has been much better.

However, Apple are still haunting me and not allowing me to log in to Apple Music using the Android Apple Music App. What is weird is how I can access my Apple ID account via the new Samsung S20, but when I try to sign in to Apple Music I get this message "your apple id or password was entered incorrectly".

When I enter my Username and password, it sends a 6 Digit verification code to my old iPhone. I enter this and get the message "your apple id or password was entered incorrectly".

I have deleted the App from my new S20 and reinstalled, but same thing happens over and over again.

I would like to access the music I have purchased and be rid of all the new nastiness Apple have introduced to iPhone lately and very much hope I can find a way to access my account with the Apple Music App.


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