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Only issues with 2019 MacPro

I received my 2019 Mac Pro 7.1 around 3 weeks ago

Mac Pro (2019)

3.3 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon W

48 GB 2933 MHz DDR4

AMD Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB


3rd party Upgrades

Accelsior 4M2 4 TB SSD

Radeon RX Vega 64

External HD

Drobo 5C


4.1.2 [11.63.108400]

Drobo 5D

Serial: DRB161701

Firmware: 4.1.3 [7.196.105954]

USB 3, Thunderbolt 2

Drobo 5D3


4.1.3 [14.46.108761]

Thunderbolt 3

Drobo 5D

Firmware 4.1.3

Serial DRB160501

Thunderbolt 2

Promise R6

Thunderbolt 2

Lacie 8TB raid Thunderbolt 3


TS 453BT

Thunderbolt 3

10GB Ethernet


I decided to not migrate from my MacPro 6.1 but do a fresh, clean install

however, started having issues only a short while in:

  • Mac would freeze during Droba Dashboard install
  • Mac just shut down while using FCPX
  • all applications hang, and I have to force quit everything and hard restart Mac Pro
  • Can't restart FCPC after force quite have to restart Mac first
  • Mac becomes super slow.
  • Mac has restarted itself in the morning.

I spend countless hours with Apple car Senior support and went to endless troubleshooting steps like:

  • Reinstall OS over original os as Mac would not restart at all but hang on the startup screen
  • Reinstall FCPX
  • Remove all 3rd Party internal components Ram, HD and Radeon Vega
  • reintroduce them one by one
  • all my main files were on a Drobo 5D so I purchased a Lacie 8TB Raid and moved all files over
  • Reinstalled OS again from scratch after reformatting HD
  • Apple run all system Diagnostics (came back clean)

I tried different cables, used USB 3 (where possible) instead of Thunderbolt 2 with Adapter, installed slaved and direct-attached to Mac Pro but everything seems to come back to any Drobo attached to the Mac and running (if I use files from it or not does not seem to matter)

No Drobo attached, and it seems the issues go away however this is many thousand $ of HD and backups for my Video Productions and so far wasted two weeks of my time not being able to work.

Anyone else having issues with Mac Pro and external HD's and or Drobos??


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