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Airpods Pro Transparency Bug

Hello, I recently purchased the Apple AirPods Pro and It started out normal. It worked perfectly fine the past few days until I got onto a plane with them. Now I know I will not get any help with the first issue. It is pretty common. Whenever I push in an AirPod too much while it is in noise cancelling or transparency a loud hissing sound is present that others can hear. The second issue, when I took one AirPod out before the hissing issue, it would automatically go into transparency mode, now when I take one out it stays in noise cancelling. I have reset my airpods and still these two issues persist. I have also toggled the noise cancelling In one ear feature off. I am mainly looking for help on the second issue because I know after looking at countless forum posts that the first issue cannot be fixed without a software update from Apple.

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