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MacBook Pro issues adding new email

I was recently assigned a Mac Book Pro from my employer that was previously used by a former employee. I can not access the App Store because the former employee used her personal Apple ID to log in, which I do not have the password to. I created a new Apple ID with my work email but when I try to login it says “you’ve never logged in with this Apple ID you must review the information” and it pulls a blank window. Nothing ever load or comes into the new window but it will not allow me to sign in. The other main issue I’m having is adding my internet mail account in the “mail” app. When I go to add a new account it acts like it’s loading but it just spins for hours. I have full internet connection, my boss and I both have double & triple checked all of the passwords/server info and it still will not connect. It gives an error stating it could not add my account because it “timed out”. I have removed all of the previous email accounts previously associated to no avail. I also updated the software as per the recommendation and still having the same issues. Can someone please advise me on how to fix these issues?!?? I have attached a photo of the model number and software info for reference. Please help! MacBook Pro issues adding new email

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