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Apple Tv on macbook Charging for free things

I'm perplexed as to why apple tv want me to pay for free tv?

On My Mac book – BTW

SBS, ABC iView, 9now, tenplay are all free tv you can watch through their sites, which obviously i'll do rather than pay apply $3.49 per show.

why is apple trying this on? how come there's not a free tv tab on the app with? you don't have much content and i can't think of a reason to pay for a service only to have to pay for things to watch also – makes no sense.

it would make it much more attractive as a product with a tab to tv that is already free.

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I just bought a new iPad and have a new iPhone. Apple offers free TV for one year. I have it on my devices how do I stream it to my smart TV? Apple app is not on my TV. Can I buy a Roku And will be app fee on it.


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