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Apple Watch significantly over counting flights of stairs and exercise minutes

I've had my Series 4 watch for a year. Within the last month or so my watch started significantly over counting flights of stairs and exercise minutes. Some days I have well over 100 flights counted and I haven't gone up or down a single flight of stairs. It almost feels as though it's counting a flight each time I stand up. Around the same time it also started more easily accumulating exercise minutes in comparison to similar days of exertion prior to this issue e.g., from the time I got up and into the office I used to have 3-4 mins of exercise and now I have up to 15 minutes of exercise. This past week I was inactive due to illness and I accumulated more exercise minutes than I do on active days. I love my watch but one of the reasons I have it is to track my activity, which isn't very accurate these days. Any help is appreciated.

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