iCloud on my iOS device

Outlook for iOS app specific password for iPad AND iPhone

I have an iPhone XR and a new iPad mini. I want to use Outlook for iOS on on both devices for my iCloud email, calendar, etc.

Attempt 1. I logged into my Apple account a created an app specific password. Used it on on iPhone…it worked. Then used the same password on my iPad it too worked, however logged me out of my iCloud email (in Outlook for iOS) on my iPhone.

Attempt 2. I revoked the app specific password I created above. Create a new app specific password for use on my iPhone and another for use on my iPad. I entered the iPhone password in on my iPhone, it worked. Entered the iPad password on my iPad it worked, but again it logged me out on my iPhone.

How can I use Outlook for iOS for my iCloud email, calendar etc. on both, by iPhone and iPad?

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