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Syncing photos and videos from MacBook Photos app to iPad and back again with changes

Ok, here's the process I would LIKE to follow:-

1) Import any new photos and videos to my MacBook in a new album called '2020 03 My Event' for example.

2) Synchronise the Photos app's library to my iPad using cable or wi-fi.

3) Take the iPad to work and at lunch organise the album some more ie deleting rubbish images, trim any videos and performing basic photo edits to some of the best images.

4) When back home again in the evening, synchronise the iPad with the MacBook again and all the changes made to the album on the iPad at lunch to be reflected and be updated on the MacBook automatically.

Problem 1 – Synchronising the iPad with the MacBook doesn't copy over any of the 'selected' albums to the iPad.

I've read somewhere on the internet (can't remember where now) that there's a 'bug' with the sync process on the Mac, where if the photo albums you want to sync are in a folder, or in a sub level from 'My Albums' it won't sync.

It seems this problem has been around for a while now… pre and post Catalina! (C'mon Apple… sort it out)

Workaround) After moving a couple of albums to the root of 'My Albums' and syncing again, the MacBooks Photos app's albums are now showing on the iPad…. hooray!… However, when I try to edit one of the photos on the iPad, it says it cannot modify it and asks if I would I like to duplicate it and edit the copy.

Problem 2 – Edited image is no longer associated with the original synced album

After selecting the option to duplicate and edit the image (mentioned above), I can edit and save any changes… But, after saving the changes, the edited image is no longer in the '2020 03 My Event' album which was synced from the MacBook, it's showing in the 'My Albums' on the iPad. So now I have an edited image from an album on the MacBook that's no longer associated with the original album it came from.

Q) How do I add the edited image to the original album again, so when I synchronise with the MacBook again the edited version is synced back to the original album??

Problem 3 – Storage differences between iPad and Macbook when synchronising Photos

As my Photos library is pretty big (approx 2TB worth of photos and videos), I've had to move the library to an external drive and my iPad Air obviously doesn't have enough storage available to hold all my photos and videos at once.

Q1) When I synchronise as per the process above, is the sync process copying lower resolution copies of the originals to save space, or is it copying the original high resolution large images (from full frame DSLR camera)?

Q2) Would working on an album or two at a time solve this problem?

Any, and all help on this would be appreciated, I feel like I'm close to a workable solution, but I always seem to be just inches away, but never actually hitting it.

If you could advise of other solutions to the above process which accomplishes the same thing I would love to hear from you.

Many Thanks

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