Users can no longer check out on iPad / iPhone on our website.

We have around 100 orders a day through the website, a large proportion of those orders are placed using iPads & iPhones, but the last two days, no one has been able to check out using iPad or iPhone. I've attached a screenshot from the iPad, its not very clear, but it shows what the problem is. When users go through the checkout form, the Next button is greyed out at the bottom, also its now almost impossible to click on the tick boxes to sign up to the newsletter, they have become extremely unresponsive, it was only after much persistence and many attempts that we managed to highlight the newsletter tick box on the screenshot, we have tried this on iPad and two different iPhones, the result is the same. This started happening around two days ago and we're already losing orders, so a quick fix for this would be greatly appreciated.

Our web developer is looking into it and thinks its something to do with this

Thx – G.

Users can no longer check out on iPad / iPhone on our website.

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