macOS Catalina

fake FaceTime/iMessage popup whenever I connect to the internet


Brand New! MacBook Pro 16, 2019, latest system version : macOS 10.15.3 (19D76).

I noticed today some updates were available for some of the built in applications on the App Store. So I created an Apple ID to sign in and update (as I was asked to do).

When I created the account I received an email from "" alerting me that iCloud was signed into via my computer. I understood it was a phishing attempt (although I must add the email was neat and they used my personal name and surname in it) so I did not click on the link.

BUT I made a different mistake and loaded the "remote content" an apple logo on the side fo the message. the immediate result was a fake popup ON MY COMPUTER.

And now the fake popup reappears each and every time I Turn on the computer and connect to the internet. What do I do now Fellas?

NB. I have FireVault turned on, firewall turned on, a firmware passcode in place and to top it off all of this happened on an account that has no administration authority. Needless to say I didn't succumb to this "trick" and I eliminated the Apple ID immediately.

What do I do fellas?

fake FaceTime/iMessage popup whenever I connect to the internet

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