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How do i retrieve a maildropped file?

Someone sent me a very large file as an email attachment (over 100Mb). When I tried to retrieve it on my iPhone, the attachment apparently downloaded (it took a long time as I have a relatively slow connection where I am). I was told by the Apple Mail app that it had been stored via airdrop for a limited time – fair enough.

Now I don't know how to retrieve it on my iPhone (or on my iPad, for that matter). The Support articles I have read seem to cover the idea of storing these large files in iCloud and sharing them, but they don't say in so many words how I get such a file to appear on any particular device. Do I use Mail for this, or must I get into iCloud via Safari, and if I do, where is it? Puzzled.

However it works, it seems annoying that I waited all that time for the download and now can't see the file without downloading it again at the same slow speed, but that issue is secondary to the question of how to see the file at all.

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