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Weird problem in my Apple Watch Series 4

Hi All,

I am facing a weird issue in my Apple Watch Series 4. Recently I activated eSIM in my iPhone 11 Pro Max, currently I am using the eSIM and a Physical SIM. That was the only change in my phone in recent times, now, for the last two weeks, my Watch is getting restarted frequently without any apparent reason. It is also showing "Low Battery" Red Lightning icon before getting switched off / Restarting. (Although I am pretty sure the charge is at least >90%).

I have taken the watch twice to the Genius Bar and both of the times the watch was sent to the Service Centre for repair. SURPRISINGLY both of the time THEY COULD NOT REPRODUCE THE ISSUE!!! and sent back the watch without any repair.

I am still facing the same issue, calling up Apple Support multiple times did not help, as no one is helping me at all!!

I am using the latest iOS 13.3.1 and watchOS 6.1.3

Can someone help me in this?


Sourav Ray.

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