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Import iTunes library into clean installation of Catalina

Hullo all, hope you can help:

  • I backed up my iTunes library (the entire "iTunes" folder—contains about 95GB of music ripped from my CDs) on an external hard disk.
  • I installed Catalina on a newly reformatted hard disk on my iMac.
  • I copied the backed up iTunes library into ~/Music (Home folder → Music).
  • I launched the Music app. It showed my handful of iTunes purchases, but not my playlists nor the music I had ripped from CDs. 🤔

Clearly, my iTunes library was not upgraded at that point. The Music app was just seeing the music associated with my iCloud account. Second try:

  • I quit and I deleted the new "Music" folder that was created (~/Music/Music).
  • I launched the Music app holding down option. It asked me the choose a music Library and pointed it to the "iTunes Library.itl" file (~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl).
  • The Music app launched. Again, only my iTunes purchases appeared, no playlists. 😢

Any idea how I can get the Music app to upgrade and see my older iTunes music library? There are plenty of playlists, ratings, play counts, album artwork from rare CDs that I scanned myself, even some digitised vinyl. This process has worked with previous OS updates, so I would expect my backed up iTunes library should somehow be able to be imported.

Any thoughts?

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