Mac mini

How long do you need to wait for first backup to load?

I am sending this question from my MacBook Pro but it is not about the MacBook Pro

I have a late-2012 Mac Mini. I have just bought a new Mac Mini.

I also just bought a G-DRIVE mobile USB-C 1T backup drive.

I followed the Apple directions and now have a screen that shows:

G-DRIVE mobile USB-C

995 GB of 996 GB available

(full blue progress bar)

preparing backup…

It has been this way for a couple of hours.

Could this mean that the drive is too small?

I can't believe that I bought a MAC Mini back in 2012 that could have more than 1T in it.,

Am I supposed to just wait this out?

The old Mini and the new G-DRIVE still seem to be making noise.

I don't want to click on the Options in this window nor click on the time machine in the menu bar because I don't know if that will screw up something.

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