iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019) random shut downs

Hey everyone!

I bought the new iMac in the Summer 2019 and was very excited to get going with it (I had my previous mac for around 9 years).

Unfortunately, after a few months of getting it, it started to randomly shut down whilst I was in the middle of something. It would then restart (automatically) into safe mode (or whatever it's called). I checked the hard drive and it would show the main internal hard drive as 'unmounted'. When I click to 'mount' it it would come up with an error saying it wasn't possible.

At first, it was happening every couple of weeks (I sort of just hoped it would go away). Then it started to get more frequent. I thought it might be a power issue so I changed the socket that the macs plugged into. No help. Still happening.

It's almost a 1-2 day occurence now. I just have to keep restarting until it boots up normally (not safe mode). Usually it happens after the 1st or 2nd reboot but not always.

I called Apple about it and they told me to do some boot up tests. It showed no hardware fault (!!?!?!?!) and they did another power-related boot up and still no hope. By the way, the mac is backed up (time machine) and on the latest version.

I'm probably going to end up booking this in but I wanted to see if anyone else had similar issues with the new mac? Real shame that it's giving me this trouble (It wasn't a cheap buy).

Would appreciate any help!

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