macOS High Sierra

Unable to boot after osx install on usb drive

Hi. I have 2 macs. Old 2012 was not working. So i took out the ssd drive connected it to my newer 2017 mac. I also connected bootable usb with 10.13.6.

I installed osx 10.13 on external usb ssd drive which I later put into the 2012mbp.

but since then, I cant boot on my 2017 laptop from internal drive . It starts booting, but after I enter login and password progress bar get stuck around 60-70% and then the system crashes.

I thought I’ll only use my 2017 to make the installation, because it crashes during the installation on 2012mbp.

now I have 2 broken laptops. 🙁

do you have any idea what could installer change on the internal ssd? And how to put it back?

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