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iPhone XS charging port / charging slow

I had my phone plugged in charging and someone yanked on the cord. The cable didn’t just pull out, it was at an angle so it pulled rather hard on the port.

So far I have used 2 different lighting cables with the same 10W iPad brick. Have also used a wireless charging stand as well. 1 lighting cable is a 10ft anker cable, the other an off brand multi-cable. Seems to charge but slowly. Talking 15-20 mins to go up 1-2% not in use.

I used the charging pad which seems provide better more consistent results.

Is there anything I can do to see if the port is just not pulling the optimal amount from the cable?

I know of those usb tools that will check incoming/outgoing power levels. I was gonna get one just to have as a troubleshooting tool .

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