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Face ID bug (doesn’t work at all) after updating iPad Pro to iOS 13.3.1


iPad Pro (11”) model MU122LL/A

Unable to use Face ID, tells me camera is covered – it is not

Face ID worked perfectly before the update to iPad iOS 13.3.1 last night, and hasn’t worked since]


I purchased a new iPad Pro a few days ago and it has been great until:

Updated to iPad iOS 13.3.1 last night and this morning when I try to unlock with Face ID it gives the “camera is covered” notification and I had to unlock with the passcode. I tried to use Face ID many times and the same thing happens. I tried wiping the front camera, I tried restarting. There is a screen protector but it was on the first two days I had the iPad and Face ID worked great. It’s not covering the camera, and when I use the front camera the picture is clear.

I removed Face ID and tried to set it up again. One of two things happens: Either it tries and retries to focus on my face while simultaneously constantly telling me to move the iPad lower or higher OR a bubble comes up saying Face ID isn’t working please try later. The camera can focus perfectly on my face normally so I don’t think it is malfunctioning.

I’m convinced this has everything to do with a bug in the iPad 13.3.1 update as faceID was working flawlessly last night.

I’m hoping maybe someone has a suggestion for a fix or has the same problem to call attention towards. I am going to try wiping and resetting the iPad after writing this. I would try reverting back to the last iOS however I do not have a computer with iTunes and I am not sure how to do this any other way.

This is my first time posting in apple support forums. If I forgot anything that would be helpful to know, please ask!



Face ID bug (doesn’t work at all) after updating iPad Pro to iOS 13.3.1

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