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Why change things for the sake of changing?????? Keyboard shortcuts on the"new" Music

For decades, under iTunes, I used to digit "Command-L" and go to the music playing on my enormous song playlist. This way I could either pick it and throw it into a playlist strightforward or know where it was on the playlist without looking for tha micro loudspeaker icon. Then, if I wanted, I could digit "Command-I" and fine tune its info.

Why keep things people's been using for decades?? Why keep things simple and straigthforward??

Because now there's a "new" app!! And things must change beacause of this! And if they disappear, even better, 'cause people will recognize this is a "new" and "improved" app! Yeah! Sure, fools!

On Apple's "new" Music app if I digit the same command I'm taken to an "album view" with its cover and the song playing. Lovely… Then I can digit the command info and fine tune its content. Then I can throw it on any of my playlists. The same thing, right? No.

If I got to the songs view, I'm not taken to the song playing's position. I'm taken to the beginning of the list of songs… A more than 4000 songs list! To find the song playing on this list I have to search for that distinguishing loudspearker icon to the left of it. AMAZING!! VERY PRACTICAL!! SUPER EASY AND FAST!!! I don't have anything else to do in my life, like the Cupertino guys who had this brilliant idea! GREAT!!

If I know where the song is on the song's list, when I create a new playlist I already have an idea of where the song's position is an make it easier to fill the new playlist. Now I have to remember its name to search for it on the songs list. Maybe Apple is trying to help our brain's health by giving us the opportunity to exercise its memory on more than 4000 songs.

Insteadof cutting steps, steps are being added. This is "evolution"? This is thinking?? No way!

My point is: why change something people's been using for decades just for the sake of it??? Because you changed the app's name and need to make it look like new???


It's been a long time Apple "geniuses" are changing (and usually hiding) things just to pretend things are "new". iOS users know this perfectly well. EVERY system upgrade isa pain in the *** to find things like, say Restrictions. WHO THE **** changed the Restrictions posiition from General to Screen Time??? What's the logic behind it??? I want to restrict access to my iPhone, not to its screen!!

The same "logic" shows on the incredible, amazing "new" "Music", which is iTunes without movies and apps. But, again, something had to chenge or it wouldn't be "new"…



Don't change "Command-O" to close things and create a "Command-Shift-Option-Z" to open things. It will not make anybody's life easier.

I suggest EVERY employee at Apple be forced to read EVERYTHING Steve Jobs and its team wrote about UI and put it on PRACTICE.

Return to APPLE, you're in the way to become a Microsoft. No?? Try using your "Help", then use Microsoft's "Help". You'll see they learned a lot from the good times Apple and today's Apple learned a lot from old times Microsoft.

STOP making things worst, changing things unnecessarily!! And pretending you're creating something "new" when you're not! The name iTunes is MUCH better than Apple Music… It was something from the brand "i" line", proprietary. "Apple Music" only means you are not capable of even creating a name.

Steve Jobs must be shaking…

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