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Not all photos and videos will sync to iPhone from Mac Photos app


Some time ago, I transferred all my photos and videos to my MacBook so that I could access them through iCloud. Now that I have an iPhone with a large enough storage, I want to transfer all of my data back locally on my iPhone. When I mark all of the photos and videos I have in the ''Photos'' page in Photos app on my Mac, I get a total of 4 500+ items, but when my iPhone is done syncing, there are only about 3 200+ items. What could be the cause?

Also, all of my photos are now in the Photos section on my iPhone. I have always accessed photos through the Albums menu -> Recents, but now it is empty – is there any way to reverse that?

The last resort I could think of is to move all of the photos and videos to a separate folder on my desktop and then drag them into my iPhone – it is more time consuming + all of the photos and videos are going to be marked with that days date, which is really annoying.

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Please create a “remove duplicate” feature in Photos


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