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iOS13 screen recording no audio in Final Cut Pro X

So something weird happened after I updated my iPhone Xs Max to iOS 13 (now it's iOS 13.1). I make gaming videos and record footage of my phone screen. Lately I've been playing Brawl Stars.

But anyway.

My problem is (this started after I updated my iPhone to iOS 13) my screen recordings don't have any audio when I import them to Final Cut Pro X (10.4.6). This is very weird because the audio is there when I watch the screen record on my iPhone or on Mac with QuickTime. But when the video goes to FCPX adios's disappears.

Any ideas what might cause this? Now I have to do one extra step and use HandBrake which somehow makes the audio work in FCPX too. It's kind of frustrating…iOS13 screen recording no audio in Final Cut Pro X

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