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back up and transfer from one ipod to another ipod

I am not an Apple person but love our iPods! about 10% of our music was purchased through I tunes. The rest was from our record library and we recorded to MP3 for the ipod which is a classic with video and very old, so old it evidently cannot be updated. The new Ipod is a 128gb touch. I know that I have 5809 songs and 49 movies (also from my home camera and converted for the IPod). I cannot seem to backup from Itunes directly so used Syncios to backup. I have tried restoring and nothing is actually in that backup file. I also tried copying between them through Syncios and only got 33 movies and 518 songs! I talked to tech support at Itunes and they told me the reason was solely due to the non Itunes music and movies and that they cannot be either backed up or transferred to the new IPod! I was not surprised because I had heard that somewhere but am appauled anyway. Is there any other way to backup and to move files from one IPod to another? I would purchase one with more memory but evidently that will not help. Tech support had to really research to come up with that answer, by the way! At first they said it was due to lack of space but then discovered that we are only 3/4 full on memory. Help if anyone can suggest anything, I would appreciate it! Thanks

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