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My two month old ipad pro 12.9" 3rd gen, running the 13.3 os disconnects every few seconds from a Droid Mini mobile phone hotspot on Verizon 4G.

I've been through all the settings, forgetting the network, rebooting both phone and ipad pro, troubleshooting with Verizon, and have checked everything possible. Mostly, the ipad loses the connection (or shuts it off) the instant I navigate to a new browser page, on both Chrome and Brave browsers. I haven't tried other browsers. If this info helps, I am able to stay online on the same hotspot with the following devices: a smart TV, a Windows 7 laptop, a Windows 8.1 laptop, a Windows 8.1 Dell tablet, and an iphone 5s running os 12.4.5–they all connect quite easily. My last useful clue is that all of those devices, including the new ipad, connect easily via my home's Mediacom (cable) modem with no router. I really want my iPad to stay connected via the Android phone hotspot, too. Help? Thanks.

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