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My iPod Touch keeps playing random songs instead of the last playlist I listened to.

I noticed an update or two (or so) ago, that my iPod Touch would play random songs (but always starting with one particular song) instead of the last playlist I had been listening to.

When I open the Music App, for a second or two it even shows the last playlist, but then the app will close itself automatically, and when I reopen it, it closes itself again. And then it repeats that one more time, before staying open but loading that same first song again…

I don't know if it's trying to play all songs in alphabetical order or if it's shuffling them but it always starts with the same song… (and to be honest, it's making me hate that song lol)

All I know is: this is annoying. I would LOVE to get my iPod to play the same playlist I was previously playing like it used to, but I honestly have no idea why it's doing this, much less how to get it to stop…

Anyone have any ideas?

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